Things to Ask When Slot

Most people who sell their Pachislo Slot Machines will not voluntarily tell you any issues they are having with their machine, and quite often you don’t know what they are until you get it home and start playing jili casino online.
1. Does it have a door key?
If there is no door key you need to know how to access the inside of the machine without a key. If you cannot access the inside DON’T BUY. You will not be able to change lights, reset the machine, solve coin jams, etc. without access to the inside. If you know how to open the door without a key, do it. Look at the lock. If the lock is a standard lock held in by two screws that are very easy to replace. Expect to spend about $25 for a new lock and key.
2. Has the door lock been drilled?
If it has than any small key or flat head screwdriver (without it’s a barrel lock) it will work. This isn’t really an issue, but if it accepts quarters and not just tokens you will probably want something a little more secure. If you decide to replace it, expect to spend about $25 for a new lock and key.
3. Does it have a reset key?
To operate your machine properly and set the odds you will need either a reset key or a reset switch. If the machine does not have either than you will need to find a replacement lock or purchase and install a reset switch. Locks are difficult to find, and if you do find one expect to spend at least $20 for the key. If you are handy and can replace an outlet in your house, you can just buy and install a reset switch. Online for about $3.50, about 1/2 hour to install.
4. Are any bulbs out?
You need to play the machine for a while to see if any bulbs or light boards are out. Most times it will be the bulbs. Easy to replace and you can find them online. If it’s an entire board, however, that may be an issue. Boards can be difficult to locate. Expect to spend $5 – $15 for replacement bulbs and $15-$20 for boards if you can locate them online.
If the bulbs are behind any of the glass, see how easy it is to access the bulbs. If you have a problem accessing the bulb it may be VERY difficult to replace. Some older models have a wooden cover over the entire inside of the door that requires you to almost completely disassemble the door to replace a light bulb.
5. Does it take tokens AND quarters?
This has nothing to do with the function of the machine, but many people like the option of being able to use quarters. If the machine takes quarters it also increases the value of the machine by about 10%.
6. Does it come with tokens?
If the machine accepts quarters this isn’t an issue, but most accept tokens only and almost all Pachislo machines take.984″ tokens. You will need at least 250 tokens, the more the better. Expect to spend $20-$25 per 250 tokens .
7. Are there any issues with the machine?
Test the machine BEFORE you purchase and test if well. If there are issues that crop up then you will see them right away. Lights boards, error codes, hopper issues, coin mechanism problems. Test ALL functions, even the hopper payout.
8. Is there any rust?
Any rust, inside or out, is enough for you to walk away. Rust means it was either water damaged or stored in a damp area. Remove the hopper and check the metal place underneath for rust. Check the screws that hold anything to the bottom of the machine as well. Surface rust might not be an issue, but A LARGE AREA of surface rust means the machine was not well cared for. You will see problems in the future even if the machine runs well initially if you see a lot of rust.