This Book, Learning Your Computer Through Pictures Is a Wonderful and Fun Way to Learn Computers!

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to tell you a story about my journey learning how to use my computer. Have you ever felt that you just don’t have the skills to learn your computer and its applications? Have you ever been so frustrated with your computer that you just want to throw it out the window?

That was me too. As I began to play around with the internet at first it was just surfing around and looking at sites. Whenever I came upon a beautiful web page; and saw all of the unique applications the web designer put onto his page I would feel really bad because I didn’t feel I had the skills to do those things even though I really had great ideas.

Then I decided to really go through an in-depth study of my computer based on what I wanted to do online. I really wanted to post blogs about important information. I really wanted to be able to share links to other sites, and I really wanted to use video format to express myself online.

I didn’t have time to go back to school so I decided to write a book using pictorial examples that explained each instruction. Subject: Introduction to Using Your Computer, the Basics

Textbook: Learning Your Computer Through Pictures.

Course Description:
This study course is designed to give you the basics in understanding and using your computer. The format is simple and all of the instructions are coupled with pictorial examples which will take away any apprehension you may have as each instruction is supported with its correlating picture every step of the way.

We will cover things like the creation of documents, how to share those documents online, the operational features of the Microsoft Works word processing program including font size, editing documents, creation of video formats, navigating on the web, and added insightful little tips to make things easier as you explore your computer applications.

The Course Outline, Provided in Three Sections as Follows:

Introduction to Section One: Beginning Using Your Computer to Create Microsoft Word Documents. This will start you out learning the basics of word processing, incorporation of graphics, modifying graphics, and understanding toolbar functions.

Study Topics, Section One:

How to Create and Save a Microsoft Word Document.
How to Format your Document Page.
How to Select a Font for Your Document.
Adding Pictures: Opening Your Pictures Storage File on Your Computer
Opening Your Pictures Storage File on Your Computer (Adding Pictures Continued).
Finding Pictures inside Your Computer’s Picture Folder.
Finding Pictures Stored in Your Computer’s Pictures File inside a Named Folder.
How to Re-Size a Picture.
Using the Toolbar to Edit a Picture.
Formatting a Picture Using the Picture Toolbar.
Creating an Additional Picture File Folder within Your Stored Pictures.
Creating Hyper-Links into Words Within Your Document.
Inserting Hyper-Links into Pictures Within Your Document.
How to Save Your Document.
Where to Save Your Document.

Introduction to Section Two:
In this section we will study copying text, modifying text, use of the notepad application, use of Microsoft Word text enhancement features, navigating the internet, accessing the control panel, accessing your internet connections and options settings, understanding your internet provider’s tool bar functions – (Mozilla Firefox and Explorer), and using the bookmark application.

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